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Digha is West Bengal's most popular sea resort. It is located 187 KM south west of Kolkata. Digha has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach extending upto 7KM in length and has gentle rolling waves. The scenic beauty of this place is charming and alluring. The beach is girdled with Casuarina plantations along the coast enhancing its beauty. These trees apart from beautifying also aid in reducing erosion of the dunes. One can view both sunrise and sunset at the Digha sea beach. The sunset and sunrise reflecting the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal is something straight off an artist's canvas.

The sea at Digha is calm and shallow for about a mile from the beach making it quite safe for swimming. Digha, originally known as Beerkul during Warren Hasting's time was discovered in the late 18th century by the British. It is mentioned as the ‘Brighton of the East' in one of Hastings' letters (1780AD) to his wife.

In 1923, an English tourist named John Frank Smith was charmed by the beauty of Digha and started living here.His writings about Digha slowly gave exposure to this place. After independence, he convinced Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was the erstwhile chief minister of West Bengal to develop Digha as a beach resort.



Digha is a 4 to 5 hour journey by bus from Kolkata. There are regular bus from Garia, Dharamtala, Dunlop, Barasat, Bonga, Barakpore.

BY TRAIN:There are five direct train and some other connecting train via Panskura are available for travel Digha from Kolkata.


The Marine Aquarium and Research Centre (MARC) : was established in the year 1989 during the Seventh Five Year Plan. The major objective of the Centre is to display the marine biodiversity of the region and impart its values to the common people and to carryout the research activities. Hundreds of visitors make it a point to view the Aquarium every day. The aquarium is opened to public on all working days from 9.3 0 A.M. to 6 P. M.

Shankarpur: Also known as virgin beach, only 14 km east of Digha. It is also a regular fishing harbour. This beach is mostly empty except on weekends. The mornings are cool, when fishermen can be seen hauling their huge nets out of the sea. The morning sun reflecting on the sea waves in the east, and the local fish-boats on the coast offer excellent photographic opportunities.

Udaipur: This is a spectacular beach, almost virgin, 2 km west of Digha, in West Bengal Orissa Border. One part of this clandestine beach is in West Bengal and the other in Orissa. One enters this beach just walking or driving along Bengal-Orissa border. This beach has not been explored so far. The beach has some USPs which have to be experienced to be believed The nearby delta, where the mighty Subarnarekha merges into the Bay of Bengal, is an additional attraction.

Talsari: A small delta on Bay of Bengal, only 6 km away from Digha, located on Bengal-Orissa border. A quiet place, close to both sea and Subarnarekha river.

Chandeneswar Temple: Only 8 km away from Digha the century old Temple of Lord Shiva at Chandaneswar,near Bengal and Orissa Border.Nearly half million people & pilgrims visit the temple at Maha Vishuva Sankranti or Gajan Mela : towards the end of Chaitra.

Junput: It is 40 km away from Digha; famous for fishing.

Subarnarekha River: The salty place where Subarnarekha River draining into Bay of Bengal, only 12 km away from Digha, located in Orissa-Bengal border. This is a new destination for Digha tourists.

Mandarmani: Mandarmani is a small virgin beach on Bay of Bengal, only a few km from Digha. It is also a small fishing harbour and a fast developing tourist resort.

Tajpur : Tajpur is the latest addition in tourist map of Bengal. The prime attraction of Tajpur is its pristine sea beach fringed with a dense forest of tamarisk trees.


The Digha market is open at low tide. Curios made of sea-shell, Shell jewellery, moderate varieties of reputed Madur of Midnapore (hand-woven mat made of weeds) in colourful designs, Cottage crafts of Digha and Midnapur are available at the beach and at other outlets in town. To bring home a keepsake, try the cottage crafts of Digha and Midnapore.


Hotel Aprupa : Rs. 450 / 660 / 950.                       Hotel Satald : Rs. 550 / 700 / 800 / 1200 / 1500

Hotel Armal : Rs. 650 / 800/ 950 / 1700 .               Hotel Sea Coral : Rs. 750 / 900 / 1200 / 1500

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